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Disaster Recovery Backup as a Service

Pulling your hair out managing data backups? Using our Backup as a Service product you can make backups simple and reliable. Best of all your data is available from anywhere.

Our online backup solution adds another level of security and data integrity assurance to existing on-premise deployments. Businesses can ill afford to lose their data and need to know that if anything does go wrong that the backups can be accessed easily. At vBridge we have experience in delivering not only a safe place to store your backups, but also the know-how to restore your data should you need to access it if the worst happens. This means at the click of a button your backup (be it a file, folder or complete server) can be brought back to life.

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vBridge hosts a wide range of clients from small local businesses, up to international businesses, who operate around the globe. All of our clients benefit from our high-level, cost effective and reliable NZ based hosting solution.