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Hosting Infrastructure as a Service

For all businesses who need to access up-to-date computing power and data storage while remaining cost-effective, our hosting service is market leading and gives you flexibility and control of IT performance and cost.


At vBridge we believe in helping our clients succeed. In fact, we are committed to it, so when we see ways for you to save money we say so. This means you only pay for what you use, and the service we provide to you can be adjusted as needed.


Our computing platform is fast. No doubt about it. More importantly, we keep you fast. Technology changes rapidly but that needn't worry you. We continually improve and upgrade our platform keeping it, and you, current.


Your data is your asset, we know how important this is for you. We ensure your data is secure from physical and digital threats. This means you can relax knowing that your data is secure and accessible should the worst happen.


Reliability is important. It’s a key consideration for moving to a cloud service provider. We have over-achieved on our service level target of 99.97% availability over the past 5 years. For those businesses who need that extra level of protection we can provide a multi-site hosting solution that guarantees availability.


Need to reduce risk? No problem. With our nationwide coverage we can deliver services from our location closest to you for maximum speed, and by using all of our locations together we can design a solution to reduce your risk. Multi-site also allows for simple-to-use disaster recovery solutions to protect your business from the unexpected.

Good Service

There’s nothing worse than a wild goose chase to get good service. At vBridge our number one focus is to provide a highly reliable, customer-specific service experience. We work with you to achieve your business goals!

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Our Clients

vBridge hosts a wide range of clients from small local businesses, up to international businesses, who operate around the globe. All of our clients benefit from our high-level, cost effective and reliable NZ based hosting solution.