Rangi Ruru offer modern IT for modern learning

Region NZ

Industry Education

Employees 500 - 1000

Key Benefits

  • Robust, secure system implemented.
  • Financial, logistical and operational efficiencies achieved.
  • Need for regular hardware upgrades eliminated.
  • Peace of mind – secure backups stored in several locations.
  • Fast retrieval of backups when required.
Challenges & Goals

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School sustained significant damage to its buildings in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. This resulted in the school’s ten-year plan being brought forward. Part of this involved analysing what facilities the IT Support Department required, in particular whether retaining IT server infrastructure and a server room onsite was still necessary or whether benefits could be achieved using an alternative solution. At the same time, vBridge was proactively contacting schools in Christchurch, offering cloud-based solutions as an alternative to their on-premises equipment and facilities.

Results & Return

The most significant outcome of vBridge’s solution for Rangi Ruru was that IT staff are no longer required to undertake a three-yearly replacement and backup of all the school’s hardware – freeing up staff to work on higher-value projects and eliminating server downtime. vBridge’s solution allows the school’s IT systems to be up and running continually, with no disruption to the school’s operation. Flexibility in deploying new systems and services has improved, making IT more responsive to changing demands of the school.

Data security and integrity through data backup is also significantly improved, with data stored in a much more robust way than the school could ever have achieved itself. Previously, the school stored physical backups off-site in different locations, however there was no formal plan in place and it was difficult and time-consuming to retrieve data when required. vBridge replicates the school’s data to three separate physical locations, providing a ‘triangle’ of real-time data security.

Monthly backups are also taken and stored for fast data recall if required.

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Our Clients

vBridge hosts a wide range of clients from small local businesses, up to international businesses, who operate around the globe. All of our clients benefit from our high-level, cost effective and reliable NZ based hosting solution.